Injection system
To  further  improve  its customer   service, 
TKC    introduced    advanced        plastic 
injection machines,such as  a  high-speed 
injection  machine,  capable  of   reducing 
working    hours,   yet    producing      high
quality  products.  A  gas-assisted injection
machineis  ideal  for  producing lightweight 
units with an attractive finish. A twin-screw
injection  machine  is  used  for  products 
that  require  two  defferent  raw materials, 
or  colors, in one unit.  TKC also attached
robot-arms  to  the  injection  machines  to
hold,  pick- up  or  place  the      products 
precisely,  easily  and    quickly.      TKC's 
current rage of injection machines reages 
from 50 to  1,300 tons, used int the  manu
facture   of   plastic    components        for 
refrigerators,   air    conditioners,    sanitary 
ware, office furniture.
Extrusion system
The  extrusion  system
for plastic sheets   and 
rollsrequires advanced
machinery  in  order  to
  control the melt flow rate
  of the plastic to achieve
  high      quality     plastic 
  sheets or rolls  with    an
  ever     and          stable
thickness.  TKC  is able to produce  plastic
sheets or rolls with the  same   rawmaterials
but  with two defferent   properties.    Using
thismanu - facturing   process,   TKC    can
produce sheets with a glossy  and  smooth 
finish or  a textured finish and it is  able   to 
respond   to  a    wide variety  of  customer
needs  and    reduce unnecessary   plastic
consumption. The  machines    used      for
producing  plastic   sheets  and   rolls    are  
compatible  with several raw materials such
as  ABS, HIPS, HDPE, PP, PET-G       and
others. The plastic
Vacuum forming system

The vacuum forming  system is a perticalar
molding  system  for  heating plastic sheets 
or  plastic  rolls   and  forming them  into   a 
vacuum mould.  Using  various  types   of 
semi-automatic,   continuous  and     rotary 
modern machinery, TKC is able to produce 
plastic  vacuum  formed  parts  ot     supply
the    refrigerators  and        airconditioner 
maufacturing industries,   the    automobile
and   packaging   industries and the     food
electrical    appliance    and        electronic 
component packaging industries,